Good Coach vs Bad Coach: Are you focusing on the wrong thing?

Are you focusing on the wrong thing? How many coaches do you know who are always in a panic?

Coach: “Have you seen the new software/plugin/report/program etc?” He practically shouts to me over the phone. “It’s amazing! It does this and this and this… And I think I should get it. What do you think?”

My answer is usually something along the lines of, “What the heck are you talking about?”

This is a coach who stays on top of everything new in the online marketing world. If a squirrel sneezes out a new program on getting traffic to a pile of acorns, he knows about it.

His sites look amazing. Everything is top notch, latest, greatest and what-the-heck-ever, I don’t know.

And he’s barely making any money. Can you guess why?

His focus is on staying current. And when it comes to the internet and online marketing, ‘staying current’ is a full-time job.

I suppose that would be great if he was blogging about all the stuff he knows about and discovers, but that’s not his niche.

Instead, he’s in other niches that frankly don’t need the latest greatest technology.

Let’s compare him to another coaching client of mine. 

She’s something of a techno-phobic person. She hates anything that smells of new technology and would probably be happy if the internet and online marketing hadn’t changed a bit after 2003.

If she has to add a new plugin to her site, change some wording, add a page or whatever, she throws up her hands and calls “her tech guy” Her tech guy(me) handles EVERYTHING technical for her.

She doesn’t know about the latest software or programs or any of it. She pretty much doesn’t want to know any of it. And she’s never focused on what’s new, what’s hot and so forth.

She only focuses on ONE thing – selling stuff. That’s it. If she needs a new tool once in a while to sell more stuff, she gets in touch, we do a  Google search, find and buys the new tool, we set it up.

She spends her days creating products, content and connections with other marketers. She builds her list, emails her list daily, launches a new product every three weeks, and works closely with her top affiliates to make sure they are super successful at promoting her stuff.

She is friends with just about every high earner in her niche. She does joint ventures with them regularly, puts posts on their blogs, and lets them post on her blog.

Her peers love her and promote all her stuff. Her subscribers adore her and buy all her stuff.

Her websites are nice and her emails aren’t formatted ‘right.’ They aren’t pretty just plain text. Sometimes they have technical glitches. But her open rates are through the moon anyway, and she makes sales on every single email she sends out.

What’s the lesson? 

Just this – you’ve got to be careful what you focus on. If you focus on the latest technology and having the prettiest sites, then that’s what you’ll get. Ever try to pay your mortgage with a pretty website? Sorry, they only take money.

But if you focus on making sales, then you’ll make sales. In the case of these two marketers, it’s the difference between earning about $1000 a month, and earning about $1,000 per DAY.

He’s got gorgeous sites that don’t convert worth a hoot.

She has ugly websites that convert like gangbusters.

It’s not about pretty, or latest greatest technology. It’s about making sales.

Watch what you focus on – it can make all the difference.

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