For Some People, The Act of Buying a Product is Enough For Them.

Have you noticed that a rather large percentage of your customers don’t actually USE your products?

You’re selling a viable product that guides your customers to a specific outcome, such as making money or losing weight.

And some of your customer buy just about every product you produce. But… they don’t use your products…

Which has you scratching your head and wondering if you’re doing something wrong.

You’re not.

For some people, the act of buying a product is enough for them. They feel like they have taken action on losing weight or making money, and they are satisfied. They think they will use the product… later. They will get to it… later… When they have time.

But of course, they never do. Then you advertise a new product, and they buy that one, too, even though they didn’t use the first one.

This is why you can offer personal help as a bonus to your product and not get overwhelmed by requests. 80-95% of people will never actually ask for your help.

The simple act of purchasing your product makes people feel good. And buying upsells makes them feel even better. They convince themselves they are starting on their journey to getting the result you promise, and for today that’s enough.

The more you sell the ideal scenario – losing the weight, making the money, etc. – the more people will buy. And while you would like to help every customer with your products, it simply isn’t going to happen.

You’re offering a lot of value with your products, and what people do with those products is up to them.

Take their money and smile. What they do, or don’t do with your product isn’t something you can control. (But make sure the product would actually add value.)

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