How This Business Generated Over $1 Million in Under 2 Years with $100k Facebook Marketing Ad Spend

Case Study: How To Grow Your Coaching Business Online and The Truth About Internet Marketing And The Coaching Industry case study with David Key


How To Grow Your Coaching Business with Facebook Marketing

See What happens when you get 3 heart-centred #entrepreneurs in a room as we discuss a real-life case study and talk about How To Grow Your Coaching Business Online and the truth about internet marketing and the coaching industry. We explore deep psychology, rapport, business, online marketing,  mindset and the truth about what it really takes to succeed online. 90mins of awesome content.

In no particular order, the topics covered include:

  • #PersonalDevelopment
  • #Digitalmarketing #psychology and more
  • David’s journey in the coaching industry
  • 1 million dollars under 2 years with 100k ad spend
  • Insights in online marketing and human behaviour
  • The truth about the #coaching industry  and the entrepreneurial  journey
  • The truth about internet #marketing
  • Hard work pays off as it’s not about the grind which can be a health risk and has a negative impact, it’s about the skills you develop who you become along the way.
  • How David created an  #OnlineCourse, sold it on #Groupon
  • The risk of following a flawed plan and why things don’t work when you are doing what you are told to do, by marketers who don’t know how to get the results
  • The resilience you need to be an entrepreneur
  • Market place sophistication
  • How people respond in predictable ways
  • Be careful of fake gurus, how they think, how they need to hold back or over complicate things to make you think you will need to hire them and spend more with them
  • Big impact with small lists
  • Why you don’t need to spend ages perfecting a product that no one wants  and How an event was recorded and turned into an online course
  • Going beyond the comfort zone
  • How your messaging needs to be on point
  • #Traffic > message > conversation
  • You have to have an offer people want > a message which resonates with them > else traffic is a waste of time.
  • Messaging, product demand, Feedback and social proof
  • How the stories that come from the business mean more than the money does
  • Money comes and goes, memories, experiences, impact
  • #Business is a fun game, coming from a place of love, feeling and impact
  • How life can become fun when your time is freed up,
  • How you can miss life when you focus on the gap
  • Shedding old identities in business and how not to hold the business back so learn to let the identity go.
  • Mindset will hold your business back, so how to  see it with fresh eyes,
  • Some entrepreneurs tactics which work in your comfort zone, so embrace uncertainly
  • How certainly can kill your opportunities
  • The mindset of ego approach and past, don’t not wanting to be judged
  • Falling in love with the unknown, living in the unknown is living, step into the unknown,   living life
  • Stories in our mind
  • Technology issues, ad copy, at some point you will be faced with a challenge it’s the nature of the game
  • Under-promise and over-deliver

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