Creating relationships with email. The email nurture sequence

Setting up an opt-in offer, squeeze page and publishing articles to drive traffic back to a squeeze page is good, but if you have no follow up your list will go cold. You need to build a relationship and nurture those leads until they become buyers. If you develope a series of follow-up email messages to share with the readers the list won’t get cold and won’t be a waste.

You must work up a complete funnel consisting of the opt-in offer, a follow-up offer that is for a product around £7 or more. You may even have one more money offer, but definitely have one.

Then create a series of not less than 4 email messages.  Here how develop that series:

  • The 1st follow up is a reminder of the download link. This serves to remind them why they are getting an email from you and where they can get that offer via download, or as a shipped physical product.

Offer downloads as the main freebie.  In the 1st follow-up message send them to the download page which mentions the paid product offer.

Do not send the freebie product in your email. If you do, you miss out on an opportunity to turn your “prospect” into a “buyer.”

  • In the 2nd follow up, ask if they liked the gift and then share a bit about your background and what qualifies you to be an authority in this topic.  You can also remind them that they can contact you with questions.
  • In the 3rd follow up, ask them to respond to a quick question.  Do this via a short 1 question survey. You can use Google forms, Survey Monkey or some other free survey tool.  Or simply ask them to “hit reply” to the message to send their response directly to you.
  • The 4th follow up email has an offer for a paid product that is highly relevant to the original freebie offer.  Share with them how the two items can work together to grow their business, profits, whatever.
  • The fifth email is an invitation to participate in a free tutorial, workshop or coaching. It may also be a free report, but at this stage you want to get some air time so a tutorial type setting is ideal.You can set it up as a recorded session making it available to the reader at anytime.

The timing for these emails is:

  1. Message 1: immediately after they opt-in.
  2. Message 2: 1 day after opt-in
  3. Message 3: 1 day after message #2
  4. Message 4: 2 days after message #3
  5. Message 5: 1-2 days after message #4.
  6. Message 6: 1-2 days after message #5.
  7. Message 7: 1-2 days after message #6.

Try to send something out at least every 2 days.  Some very successful marketers send out messages twice a day!

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