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In episode 30 of the Digital Rapport® podcast, we have Duncan Gledhill the Founder of Emailmovers about email marketing.

Duncan has been in email marketing for as long as he can remember – “there must have been a time before email, I think originally I wanted to be a truck driver in America after watching Convoy but that never happened, maybe one day.”

In 2003, Duncan founded Emailmovers, the UK’s leading full-service Email Marketing agency. Having worked on several hundred campaigns for hundreds of clients directly over the last 16 years, his focus now is on providing global, bespoke B2B email data that is both accurate and compliant.

“It is tough and don’t let anyone tell you any different. In email, we are always up against so much change. Just in the last few years alone, we have seen the emergence of technological filters that use artificial intelligence (smart computing) to identify and filter sales and marketing messages through to regulatory changes like the DPA 2018 otherwise known as the GDPR, turn our industry almost on it’s head.”

His message right now is that relevancy has become “KING”.

“We must be relevant or we die. This means that we must put the effort into understanding our target audience and know what they find relevant and why. If we can do this well then everything else will fall in to place from IP reputation to conversion rate. If we do it badly then everything else will suffer. Focus what resources you have, on being relevant to your audience.

If you are having real issues with your Email Marketing then no matter how big or small your company is, go right back to basics. Ask your clients why they buy from you and specifically, what problem did you solve? Then take these pain points and put them in an email to a “lookalike” prospect, send the email and wait for engagement. If you don’t get engagement then change the wording of your email and go again to a different lookalike prospect.

Only when you starting getting engagement should you start thinking about scale.”

Join me as I speak to Duncan about email marketing, artificial intelligence (clever computing) and how we can build rapport with our audience by understanding them and providing solutions by helping them solve problems that are relevant to their needs.

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