Grow Your Business With an eBook Marketing Strategy

Have you considered ebook marketing? Are you selling your own products and services online with your blog? If not, why not start? One of the easiest ways to get started promoting your own products is through an eBook. In fact, many entrepreneurs are turning to eBooks as a way to start marketing online as well as making it. a part of their ebook content marketing strategy. But how do you know what strategy to follow? Here are five tips for effectively marketing your own product with an eBook.

Ebooks have been a staple for online marketers for years because they allow you to speak straight to your audience instead of hoping they read a blog post that teaches them more about the topic you’re interested in. However, there are many people who wonder how to market an ebook and make it a success when they release it into the world.

One thing that you need to know is that marketing an ebook takes time, dedication, and creativity. Rather than trying to come up with something on your own, however, you can use tips from experts who have done what you’re trying to do. If this is something that interests you, take some time and read the following article as it will provide you with great advice regarding what strategies can help your own ebook become a success.

Ebook Marketing Basics

Most of the eBook use the PDF format but there are also other formats that can be used without many problems while producing the same results. The individual would have to ensure the electronic format used is compatible otherwise the information would not be able to be accessed easily therefore defeating the purpose of the posting.

The Basics

The process of successfully churning out an eBook is not very difficult and with a little bit of knowledge and research one should be able to come up with a presentable piece worth posting. For the more experienced and serious eBook authors this is a very lucrative revenue earning platform. The following are some tips on how to get started:

Ensure one has a word processor that saves information in PDF formats. Google Docs which is free, Microsoft Word which is not available for free and Open Office which is also free can get the job done adequately.

The next step which for most can be quite challenging is to be able to come up with material that is worth sharing or selling. This material has to be original in its content in order to be able to draw the attention of the target audience and to also create a sense of expertise and trustworthiness for the author. Copied works are usually not favorably look upon.

Print or save the written material in PDF. Deciding on a set amount of words would also be wise as material that is too lengthy can be off putting for some.

Decide How Your Book Will Be Used

There are several different ways to use an eBook compilation online today. Some of these are specifically designed as marketable revenue-earning product while other are the contributions of individuals who just want to share information with others and yet others who write ebooks as a way to indulge in a writing passion that they have.  

The Point

Whatever the reasons may be the ebooks that are produced will usually be done in a fashion that best suits its purpose for creation. 

Those who choose to create ebooks for the purpose of establishing steady revenue-earning platforms will definitely be more serious and conscientious about its content and design as compared to those who simply do so for the sheer pleasure of being able to share their views and knowledge. 

The one that chooses to do so as an earning tool will focus more on getting the information that is the most relevant, recent and fact-based. Being a tangible asset the ebooks are something that can be tapped for its profit churning capabilities at any given place and time.

The sale of such ebooks can be done individually whereby the author has to actively promote his or her ebooks to parties interested in purchasing them or the other option would be to sign on with an already established entity that specializes in churning out ebooks to others for a fee.

Ebooks can also be designed to create an individual’s presence within a specified platform. The individual would then be perceived as an authority on the subject matter being produced through the eBook, thus creating a need for the said individual to be needed for their contributions. 

Creating ebooks is considered a big business entity for today’s information hungry world. Almost anyone can create an eBook when armed with the adequate amount of corresponding information. 

Decide On Formats Relative To How Your E-book Will Be Used

Deciding on the format most suitable for the types of various possible uses of the eBook is most important to ensuring its effectiveness. It is considered by those who are better informed as an essential point to consider when it comes to electronic publishing styles.


The format eventually chosen after the relevant considerations have been made will determine the nature of the digital package in which it is distributed. 

There are many new formats that are available and many more new ones being developed. Currently there are tools available to facilitate the repackaging of existing formats into other acceptable or customs designed formats for alternative use. 

This is of course very useful when the decision is made to commit to one style early on in the designing phase of the eBook exercise.

Considering the compatibility of the target audience in accessing and browsing through the content of the eBook is important. If the target audience intended is unable to access the information posted on the eBook through the chosen format then the eBook would not be worth anything to them besides of course the more obvious element of frustration they would experience when trying to access the said information. 

Creating ways to ease the installation and use for the intended target audience is also another important point to consider. Here too if the installation process is lengthy and tedious the definite existence of the user unfriendly aspect of the design would be off putting and frustrating. 

Therefore it is necessary to look into the installation requirements so that one that is easy can be tailored to fit the accessibility of the eBook.

The supporting tools that maybe required in order for the special features to be viewed without any interruptions must also be well chosen. There is nothing more annoying for the user than to have these interruptions marring the general experience of the eBook browsing.

Choose A Relevant Topic

As eBook are predominantly designed for a specific target audience there should ideally be some thought put into the topic matter to be featured in it. 

The content provided in the eBook should ideally reflect the information, solutions, problem encounters and other related material that would be useful to the reader focused that the particular subject. 

Therefore choosing topic to write about should be done with some thought and care to ensure the choice made is interesting, attention grabbing and competitive in the eBook arena of current times.


The following are some suggestions of how to choose relevant topics:

  • Determining and understanding the reasons for writing the eBook should be clearly established even before the exercise to write begins. Questions such as is it being written for monetary gain, promotional reasons, expansion of knowledge, creating an online presence or any of the other motivating reasons should be addressed.
  • Conducting a thorough market research exercise to determine what is currently causing a “buzz” and the online keywords that are popularly used is also another way to determine a suitable choice topic to write on.
  • Considering a topic that has a personal connection to the individual is also something that can be explored as such material is often well received as others are able to relate to such personal style content.
  • “How to” ebooks are another popular option to choose to write on. However if one decides to do this kind of eBook the information contained in the book should be both of sound and substantiated material. A lot of research and thought needs to be put into this style of content.
  • Having a brainstorming session with colleagues, friends, family and basically anyone who is willing to listen or already connected to the eBook scene, to come up with topics is also a viable way to get ideas.

Put Your E-book Together

There are several softwares available in the market today to assist in the exercise of eBook compiling. Some may seen complicated while may seem too technical so the following points are designed to create an easy step by step guide for putting together a simple eBook presentation.

You could use software such as Jasper AI or Copy AI to help you speed up the process of writing ebooks

Put It Together

Following the eBook compiler options the individual would have to assign a suitable title for the intended eBook listing and then enter the content about the page while setting the e-book’s window parameters.

  • Using the eBook compiler files the next step would be to select the eBook folder and set up the order of the files and assign a start up page.
  • For security reasons the individual would be expected to set up the user password with a combination of serial numbers for the intended eBook posting.
  • The toolbar usage would require the eBook compiler toolbar icon to be keyed in. the individual would have to select the buttons, assign the captions for the chosen buttons and icons for the toolbar corresponding actions.
  • The eBook compiler bookmarks is where the individual would insert bookmarks or links that would be displayed at the navigational page of the eBook design content.
  • Generating the branding capabilities through the ebrander with the selection parameters can be done in the eBook compiler branding phase.
  • The compilation stage of the process requires the individual to create and save the eBook.

Using other time saving tips when compiling the eBook is also encouraged. Another eBook compiler tip that is rather useful in the pop up tool tips points. 

This tool is accessed whenever the individual places the cursor over any area that requires some sort of action. The tool tip information will then appear informing the viewer of the next course of action that needs to be taken to proceed smoothly. Check out Jasper AI.

This is better that having to revert to the manual and wasting a substantial amount to precious time and energy.

Arrange The Ads In Your E-book

Though not widely accepted at the moment arranging ads for ebooks is fast gaining some level of popularity. The revenue earner is nowhere near phenomenal yet is would be something interesting and beneficial to consider.


The popular question that is currently hotly debated is whether or not ebooks should feature ads and if so how much should the authors receive in terms of revenue percentages. 

Some eBook designers are now including platforms for advertising applications to facilitate revenue earning possibilities. Though it is still considered unfamiliar territory there are visible concerted efforts made to tap into this possibility for the future.

Attracting advertisers to the ebooks is an ongoing exercise but unlike other media there is some level of ambiguity when it comes to the accurate projection of sales derived from eBooks. 

Some advertising can be comfortably applied to the particular device or brand author with a proven track record for sales to the digital versions made. 

Then there is the possibility of garnering smaller advertising revenue projections which might be available to a target based audience for specific content. However meaningful projections of sales percentages which are to be based on corresponding advertising costs may prove to be rather difficult.

There are also those that are quite against the idea of including ads in the eBook style of publications as it is currently perceived to be somewhat annoying and cumbersome. 

Those who choose not to be interrupted by such ads basically download applications that stop such interruptions adequately thus defeating the overall intentions of advertising in the first place.

There is also the issue of interactive availability and color screen help when it comes to viewing the ad on eBook. To date both these issues though being addressed by the relevant experts it has reached a level where the eBook user gets optimum quality visual effects.

Decide What Extras To Include In Your E-book Package

Designing an eBook is no longer just that. There should be other beneficial element added to the general make up of the eBook to make it more competitive. Exploring the various possibilities would be advantageous and definitely create the platform for more interest and revenue earnings.

eBook Marketing Strategies – The Extras

The first and important step to take would be to ensure the material posted is done in a PDF format although HTML versions are also acceptable though not as accommodating. Apart from the revenue earning potential there is also the fact that ebooks present opportunities that ordinary printed information lacks. 

Without restrictions in place such as using incompatible formats, the viewer should be able to access many platforms from the actual article posted. Understanding that simply be default the PDF format is searchable thus making is especially user friendly for “how to” eBook contents and other styles of reference works. 

From the viewers point of view, finding and accessing information should be made easy and quick therefore making the text “clickable” would be advantageous. 

Being able to click on a particular chapter, title or any segment and then having it immediately pop up is something that would be time and energy saving thus be looked upon favorably. 

Providing further extras such as facilitating a link on the eBook that opens a web page or even starts an email is also a good idea. With this facility the viewer can easily make other references from different sources and also access web links. 

The email pop up can be used to get immediate feedback from the viewer which would help the host to address any shortcomings. 

Making recommendations on other products, services or businesses can also be done in the eBook. When the viewer clicks through to the site where the new information is being posted the affiliate program can then bring in extra revenue to the host.

Market your E-book Depending On Its Use

Having a great eBook but marketing it without any real direction will bring about less than desirable results. Knowing the eBook contents and matching it with the target audience that will find the content suitable for their needs is an important factor to look into if the desired success rate is to be achieved.


Creating a market that is well served with the particular eBook is always a good idea and putting the relevant tool into practice to ensure this end will allow the eBook to be sold according to its particular niche market. 

Once this is established more viewers will be interested in making a firm purchase.

Understanding that the eBook creator may not always be an authority on the current needs of the viewing public is a humble place to start. 

Doing some research or arming one’s self with supporting information before the niche market is approached for the purpose of getting the eBook well received should be done at the very onset of deciding the marketing strategy.

Conducting surveys, keeping abreast with current comments on blogs, reading material from popular forums or any other information that can shed light on the perceptions toward the content of the eBook in the market will assist the eBook owner to make better judgments on who would be best served by viewing the said eBook. 

This would then enable the owner to focus the attention on this group to promote the book to.

Understanding the customer is basically looking for real solutions when they source for ebooks will also assist in being able to promote the eBook according to its use. The target audience should be able to connect with the material in the eBook if it is to achieve any level of success.

Launching Your Product

The following are some tips which should ensure a successful launch strategy:

Putting It Together

Offering a pre launch discount or even freebies to all those on the individual’s emailing list would be a good way to start the attention grabbing campaign for the launch of the eBook. This action will also contribute to the loyalty status of those on the email list.

Making the launch more attractive by adding features that include bonus earning potential for committed buyers is also encouraged. Most people will be more inclined to make a commitment if there is something else to be gained besides the intended product itself.

Hiring outside help with the proper tools and knowledge on how to make a successful launch is something that should be considered especially if previous launches did not live up to expectations. Sometimes this is not only cost effective but also a less stressful option.

Making a good first impression is sometimes the only way to ensure a successful launch. It is therefore in the best interest of the eBook design to have an attention grabbing cover design. It may even be necessary to hire a professional who would have a better idea on what is saleable. 

Keeping track of every aspect of a launch is also necessary and using good supportive tools that can ensure this would be an advantage.

If the monitoring system chosen is adequate there is will less stress for the individual as everything would be visible and accessible at a moment’s notice. If there are any problems detected within the launching process it can be addressed immediately and effectively.


There are a lot of things one can do to ensure the eBooks are well received. Some may take a little more time and effort than others but ultimately they all are designed to garner as much attention and revenue to the launch of the ebooks. Now you have a basic ebook marketing strategy which you can use together with your ebook marketing campaign.

Ebooks can be a powerful tool to drive traffic and increase revenue, but only if you put in the hard work. Thankfully, with the right strategy in place, there are plenty of opportunities to find success.

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