7 Magic Like Activities of a Digital Strategist

What is a Digital Strategist?

A digital strategist makes websites, advertisements, and communication campaigns that are specific to the Internet. The digital strategist is responsible for creating websites that are optimized for smartphone use, advertising campaigns that are compatible with all devices, search engine optimization campaigns that increase online visibility, email campaigns that capitalize on opt-in online lists, and much more!

Digital strategists are not behind the technology; they are on top of it. Digital strategists understand all of the digital touchpoints that a consumer interacts with every day. They create strategic advertising, communications, and marketing campaigns that use these touchpoints to their fullest effect, building a brand image across the digital space.

Digital Strategists are truly in demand. They are the creative source behind the use of digital advertising campaigns to reach consumers on mobile apps, websites, and social media platforms. Digital Strategists design strategic marketing campaigns that produce measurable results using an array of online tools that help them track the performance of various digital touchpoints over time.

How to become a Digital Strategist?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a digital strategist does? The modern form of marketing has introduced a new, demanding job description—the digital strategist. Through the study of digital technology and its practical application to real-world situations, the strategist devises strategies to use the Internet in order to achieve goals that benefit individuals, companies, and society as a whole.

Becoming a digital strategist means you get to use the Internet to do a whole lot more than just look at cat photos. A digital strategist is a web professional who bridges the gap between developing websites and advertising them—and will have a hugely successful career while doing it!

What makes a good Digital Strategist?

A digital strategist is a web professional who develops and manages digital marketing campaigns. Making use of their behavioural, technical, and communications skills, the strategist creates and implements websites to achieve goals such as client acquisition and brand awareness. Form an integral part of a company’s online presence by becoming a digital strategist.

What makes a good digital strategist? Digital strategists understand that websites need to be much more than just a pretty face. They’re the people who educate clients on how to use the web, measure business goals and track progress, and ensure that websites are making a positive impact for their clients—and themselves. With the right mix of digital strategy skills, this career path can lead you toward new job opportunities, higher salaries, more clients, and even your own company one day!

Digital strategists who possess outstanding communication skills, emotional intelligence, analytical thinking and creativity are the ones who will excel. I recommend you hire a digital strategist based on their ability to handle change, both in the industry, as well as your organization’s landscape. They are the ones that will be able to identify emerging trends within your industry and translate that into successful campaign successes, which is why you should always look for someone with a keen sense of observation, curiosity about human behavior and an open mind.

My Journey

Starting off as a web designer meant it was easy for people to understand what I did. People where familiar with the name and got what was on the tin. However, as I progressed over the years, I became more than just a web designer.

I started learning from the different industries that I would make sites for. I was learning from different entrepreneurs about their businesses. My brain began to create links and started coming up with strategies which where adaptive and could work in the applied niche.

It’s been over 15 years serving in this space and over the years I felt more like a strategist then a web designer. I had evolved as a person, and was now a digital strategist (as I thought).


Sharing in conversation that I’m a digital strategist often brought about a puzzled look on the persons face. They didn’t really have a reference point or something that they could associate with, so there was uncertainty. The plus point was that I was actually able to talk further about it and when explained what I did they would be on board with it.

This taught me that conversation and context was very important, so when discussing something that the other person is not familiar with, it’s always good to add an element of education and understanding for context. This made working with others easier because sharing showed expertise and trust, plus the opportunity to build a relationship with the prospect.

The relationships build the business. So I stared to call the interaction Digital Rapport®. Because it was not only about off-line rapport but also the rapport you build with your audience online. So now with so much integration with technology in our lives, being a digital strategist is way more than what you may think.

It’s all about the strategies applied via the human/machine bridging, and interactions with others in business and personal life which are used to connect with, influence and inspire. It’s more fitting to call my self a Digital Rapport® specialist – a term one of my mentors refers to me as.

I see some puzzled looks – with interest and intrigue on peoples faces – if I shared that.

With time and practice, we evolve and grow and sometimes we end up carving out our own niche. We don’t always fit in with existing labels and sometimes it can be hard to describe what one does. I see this often with coaches, consultants, authors and many other subject matter experts.

When this happens we have to become specific with who exactly we help. It’s not always about identifying the problem first, some times it’s about identifying what we can do, where you can help and then working backwards from there to find and work with people who need what you can do.

You don’t have to fit the mould; there are now so many variations of micro-niches that someone (and a larger number of people in that niche) will need your services.

digital strategist
Digital Strategist

7 Digital Magic like Activities a Digital Strategist Can Help You With to Grow Your Coaching or Consulting Business Online

Here’s a list of just some of the different activities conducted as a digital strategist:

  1. Helping clients reprogram their neck-top computer and upgrade their mindset for business growth and success.
  2. Help transform your knowledge & skills into an online course/signature system so you can earn a passive income.
  3. Help you transform your skills & knowledge into books/ebooks/info products.
  4. Help you turn audio, video and live events into online training and courses.
  5. Help you transform your knowledge into a membership/community.
  6. Help with deep dive strategises, implementation funnels, websites and automate systems.
  7. Help you create certification programs so you can teach others what you do and make a greater impact on lives.

1 – Helping clients Reprogram their neck-top computer and upgrade their mindset for business growth and success.

We need to adapt to the technology and embrace this space. For many this requires a mindset shift.

So an element of teaching and education is required to help the user see context and how digital relates to their business by showing how it can help them be efficient, save time and automate.

2 – Help transform your knowledge & skills into an online course/signature system so you can earn a passive income.

Often we have overcome something in life or business. How we overcame it might be something of low value to us, but to someone else, this could be worth its weight in gold.

Often we don’t think that others need what we know. So tapping into that and putting value on what you can help with allows you to help others.

3 – Help you transform your skills & knowledge into books/ebooks/info products so you are positioned as an authority in your respected niche.

At a certain point you can turn what you know into products and services which can again help others andposition you as the go to expert in your respected niche.

4 – Help you turn audio, video and live events into online training and courses.

The move into the online space means what we do offline can be replicated online. It won’t be the same, but, it means we have a medium to get the message out; recent times show businesses what is possible online.

Online activity is only going to increase; micro niches will increase and there will be abundant opportunity for like and similar to come together.

5 – Help you transform your knowledge into a membership/community site so you can reach more people and earn recurring income from what you know.

When we can find a collective interest in what we do then others buy into the idea. Creating a community around the problem you help solve means others benefit with others help others.

6 – Help with deep dive strategies, implementation funnels, websites and automate systems so you can focus on serving and getting results for your clients and not to be overwhelmed by technology or distracted by noise online.

Leverage the technology to help more people. When done properly, scaling online means you can reach the world with your message.

7 – Help you create a certification program so you can teach others what you do and make a greater impact on lives.

If you: 

  • have a proven system, methods or process 
  • it works with social proof 
  • your teaching it to others 

then you may want to certify others under your brand to help you impact more people. 

A seasoned digital strategist can help you not only create a certification program but also setup the systems to help sell it too. 

As you can see from this short list the role of a digital strategist has expanded(certainly for myself and others too). So much more is possible. Over the last 15 years I’ve found my self helping my clients with all of the above. As a result, I’ve become a sort-of-hybrid, combining all my interest into my service.

For example :

On this site, I’m on a journey exploring and bringing you expert insights in web psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, human behaviour, spirituality and digital business and then sharing those learnings with you so you can build rapport, create better relationships, connectinfluence and inspire  in the digital age both on and offline.

As you can see,as technology advances, roles are, and ourselves, changing and adapting too. You may also find yourself becoming hybrids with emerging niches which you can specialise and serve in.

If you are looking for guidance, want to unlock your business potential, or market your expertise online to engage and connect with your niche audience, then feel free to get in touch.

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