My Journey as a Digital Entrepreneur and Helping Others Grow Online

In this podcast I get interviewed by Dr Savi on Sikh Channel’s Media Watch Program we talk about my journey as a Digital Entrepreneur and helping others grow online. With over 15 years of industry experience, I share insights about connecting and growing your business online.

In this video we talk about :

– why is #digital & #product strategy is important

– with millions of people out there wanting their voices heard, how can you shine & be ‘chosen’ 😀

– tips and insights

– some case studies

– Sikh channel – (thank you)

– Savi Leaders – (thank you)

What is a digital entrepreneur?

A Digital Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who uses digital technologies in their organization or business venture.

Digital entrepreneurship is a new business model in which the entrepreneur uses Internet-based technology to produce, promote and sell goods and services.

The term “digital entrepreneur” usually refers to people who use the Internet and other digital technologies either as a tool for creating and delivering products and services, or as a platform through which they can distribute those products and services.

Digital entrepreneurs are also sometimes known as e-preneurs, cyberpreneurs, digpreneurs or online entrepreneurs.

I’m a digital entrepreneur helping subject matter experts such as coaches, consultants and authors grow their business online. An questions feel free to get in touch.

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