7 Qualities of a Great Digital Business Coach / Mentor

In this post, we take a look at what are good attributes for a good digital business coach.

Firstly just to quickly cover:

Q) What is a digital business coach?

A) A digital business coach is someone who will help you get more out of your websites and online business. You’ll have a partner to help you ensure you hit your goals, keep track of your key metrics, create strategy with you to grow your business, coach you on what to focus on…and most importantly, keep you accountable.

You may also be asking

Q) What does a digital marketing coach do?

A) The Digital Marketing Coach specialises in training, coaching and mentoring business owners to help them find their feet in the digital ecosystem while facilitating the growth of market access. Working one to one to help you understand and grow your business digitally.

Q) What is a digital business mentor?

A) A Digital Business Mentor is a trusted partner who has been where you have been, understands what you are going through and knows how to help you succeed. A digital business mentor is a perfect way to grow your online business quickly and easily due to their own experience in the space. They can see all the tough stuff you will go through so provide guidance on how you can navigate your business online.

What is Digital Business Coaching and What Can it Do for You?

Coaching is a process that enables you to achieve your full potential. Coaching and mentoring are similar in nature. But the main differencing is that a mentor has most likely already done what you are looking to do whereas a coach can bring out the best in you with helping you move in the right direction. Here are some things a digital business coach can do for you, your staff and your business. 

  • Can motivate you to create solutions
  • Can help you to focus on your specific goals
  • Can make you accountable for the progress you do or do not make
  • Can support you through the transition, systems and setup
  • Can remove any stumbling blocks so you can move forward
  • Can help you to prioritize
  • Can challenge you to move forward
  • Can teach clients to creatively apply techniques and tools. This includes things like facilitating, doing one-on-one training, counselling and networking.
  • Encourages clients to a commitment to action and the development of growth and change that’s lasting.
  • Encouraging clients to constantly advance competencies and to expand developmental association whenever necessary to attain their goals.
  • Ensure that clients build their personal competencies and that they don’t build unhealthy dependencies on the coaching relationship.
  • Can Evaluate the outcome of a process, with the use of objective measures when possible to make sure a relationship thrives and the client is achieving their goals both personal and work-related.
  • Can Facilitate the exploration of the client’s needs, desires, motivations, skills and the thought process to assist the client in making real and lasting changes.
  • Preserve positive unconditional regard for the client, which means that the coach is always non judgmental and supportive of the client, their aspirations and views.
  • Management of the relationship to make sure the client get a suitable level of service and that the program isn’t too long or too short.
  • Observe the client, listen and ask questions to understand the situation of the client.
  • Use questioning techniques to make possible the client’s own thought processes to identify solutions and actions rather than using a direct approach.
  • Give meaningful feedback to clients on the best way to communicate requests and suggestions to others? 
  • Provide skill to build trust and acceptance.
  • Teach clients how to use questions to achieve the best performance. 
  • Examine the behaviors that will lead to unreliable behavior and the inability to achieve the client’s goals.

Online Business coaching is a valuable tool where a trained expert with experience can come into business no matter what the business size to work with executives, managers, and staff so that they can create their goals and achieve those goals online. 

Also do not confuse training with coaching.

The way it is delivered is significantly different.

A digital business coach will work with you to create a coaching/group/training program, a signature solution or methodology based on your skills and knowledge and hence help you solve a problem for your respected niche.

The digital business coaching will be tailored to meet the needs of your business. The skills that are needed to grow your business will be addressed. Your digital business coach will make changes to help take your business to the next step. The coach doesn’t have the answers, you do and he or she will help you to bring those ideas to life.

Now that you know exactly what a digital business coach is, the time might be now to use their services.

Like your life, running your business can be challenging and there can certainly be ups and downs. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that hang you up and you canít work your way through it. A digital business coach cannot only offer you a second opinion, they can be a great sounding board to help you get over your stumbling block.

Practice over time makes for an effective business coach.

The experience of doing the work helps you stand your ground and shows dedication to the art and what experience taught me was that my business flourished when I was in the right state of mind. When I was not it rippled through the business. I used to think business is hard but then later realised with the help of a mentor that business is a mindset. With the right guidance and good information, you can become a problem-solving machine. No amount of tactics or strategies can help you succeed if the mindset is not there. When your mindset is clear then your coaching or consulting with others will also be clear.

The following are just some of the qualities that my business mentor displayed that helped me overcome many challenges. Digital coaches are there for you to get support, ask questions, bring ideas to you, push you if that is what is needed and cheer you on all the way to the finish line!

I hope you find them useful too. If you find yourself with questions please feel free to get in touch.

7 Qualities of a Great Digital Business Coach / Mentor

1. Empathy

Empathy is absolutely essential in coaching. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s essential for coaches because your job is to help your client and facilitate. You have to take on the part of your client in order to do that. It’s also necessary so you can build the right rapport with your clients.

2. Action-Orientation

Clients have a tendency to think and ruminate but not take action. Your role as a coach is to gently push them to take action on their plans and ideas. It helps a great deal if you’re action-oriented yourself. If you’re not naturally action-oriented, this is a quality you can nurture and improve.

3. Unafraid of Challenges

You may need to push to meet your challenges and overcome them. If challenges scare you and keep you up at night, this is an area you’ll need to work on. Think of a challenge as an opportunity for growth and also understand that failure is a valuable learning experience. 

4. Organised

Structure and routine can help you manage multiple clients, projects and work. If you’re constantly forgetting where each client is at in their business journey, you won’t be able to serve them well. It’s good to learn some organisational skills and take advantage of software and other tech help to keep you organised. So if you have a coach who is organised then do model this trait.

5. Know Your Strengths

Each person has their own niche that they occupy. You should have a good understanding of your own expertise and experience, and what type of clients are best served by what you know and understand. Specialising will help you get clients who are interested in that specialisation. Knowing your strengths will also help you screen potential clients to determine if you’re a good fit or not. So if a business coach can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses then you can work on those and make your strong side stronger.

6. Understand/Listening

You also need deep knowledge and understanding of your clients. Before you get started, create a target client persona. This will help you clarify the type of clients you ideally want to work with. You should constantly seek feedback from clients so you can learn more about them for even better targeting. But when you are able to get present, in the moment that’s when you can truly see your clients. Tune in, listen and serve. A good business coach can help bring out the best in you if they listen, get present and understand where you are in your mindset so they can lend you the tools to help you get unstuck

7. The Right Skills – Correct Knowledge

The implications of bad information and knowledge can take you on a long journey. A lot of people share bad information which kind of works so they think it’s good so share it but its not efficient. A good business coach not only helps you grow but also has to keep growing yourself. Even if you get a certification from a professional accreditation organisation, you still need to keep improving your skills and grow as well. Put in the time and effort and you can create a win-win for you and your clients.

Any business owner can work with a digital coach to succeed online. This could be someone that is starting a blog or an e-commerce store and needs guidance and direction. You could be a coach, consultant or author who needs guidance on what to do and in what order in order to get the best results online. You want to find a digital coach that can help you get started and achieve your goals.

If you are looking for help and guidance, feel free to reach out, why not have a conversation to see what might be possible for you. Click here

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Business Coach to Get Results

Coaching has become a leading resource that business leaders are taking advantage of to create highly successful businesses. The one misunderstanding is that to use a business coach your business needs to be larger, but thats not the case at all.

Coaching can help create clarity and direction in any size business. Working with a business coach can help to determine what it is you want to create, the reason it is important, and how you plan to reach that goal. It can help you to create an action plan and then achieve the goals you set.

If you had an empowering and accountable way that you could commit to and then achieve your business goals, would you not want to take advantage of it?

Business Coaching Helps You to Become Clear on Your Goals – It is important that you are clear on what it is you want from your business along with how you plan to get it. Then you will need to determine what your commitment is. A business coach can help you to create clear goals and plans on achieving those goals. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you and help you along and having a business coach help you accelerate your business growth.

Business Coaching Aids You to be Effective and Productive – When it comes to support, business coaching provides individual attention along with the challenge and objectiveness that are needed. A skilled small business coach is very successful because he or she can:

  • Inspire you to expand your solutions
  • Keep you focused on your goals
  • Make you accountable for your progress
  • Support you through the change
  • Remove any obstacles so that you can move forward
  • Prioritise based on your values
  • Challenges you to take the next step

Business Coaching Connects You to Whatís Important because a business coach can help to build a foundation that’s grounded so that you make decisions that are in alignment with your value system and what you value most.

They will also help you to create a plan that will ensure your daily actions are in alignment with the values. This is the key to creating commitment breakthroughs.

A small business can benefit as much from a business coach as a larger business. Your business coach isn’t there to make decisions for you, but rather to be a sounding board and to help guide you in the direction that is right for you and your business. Take advantage of outside help to grow your business.

Business coaching is a modern day concept. Many businesses, especially those that think outside the box, are recognising that having a business coach is a powerful tool that your business can take advantage of. Lets look at a further 5 reasons you should use a business coach.

1. A Business Coach Can Show You how to Get Greater Returns With Less Work

You work way too many hours and you believe if you were to leave even for a short vacation, things might fall apart, but boy, you are ready to work less! You can call the coaching by many names ñ executive coaching, small business coaching, business coaching and there are others ñ bottom line is that any one of these can help your company to become far more efficient. That means you will work less hours and make more money. A business coach can help you turn your old business model into a new business model thatís more powerful and profitable.

2. Business Coaching Can Create More Profits

Are you ready to make more money? If you arenít making the profits you thought you would itís time to change that and turn things around. A business coach can help you do that. He or she can help you to jump start your business. Your business coach isnít there to make the decisions for you, but they are there to open you up and help you explore how you might reach the goals you have and make the profits you desire.

3. Business Coaches Help You Develop Your Team

You are ready to build a team so that you can grow your business. Thatís great news. A business coach can help you recruit, train, and keep the right team members. When you build a team, it can motivate everyone and allow you to create a powerful team with the help of your business coach. You can create passion among your team members.

4. Business Coaches Can Help You Find Your Passion

If you need to fall back in love with your business, a business coach is just the tool to help you do that. Overtime every business can become a bit mundane and a bit boring. Motivation is key to maintaining and growing a vision and passion. Whether you are building a simple marketing plan or a full business your business coach is an excellent sounding board and can be an invaluable tool and sounding board to help you get your passion back!

5. Guide you and show you what to do next

An experienced business coach can map out a proven pathway for you so to guide you as you progress with your business goals. Having someone to reach out to or be accountable to can speed up the learning process as well as the time to reach your financial goals.

A business coach is a service you have to pay for and that can sometimes stop people from making the call. Using a business coach is a great investment in your future.

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