Day 1: Welcome & Get Started

What is Content Repurposing? 

Content repurposing is the process of taking one piece of content (like a blog post), transforming it to other formats, and redistributing it in a way that expands its reach across different marketing platforms. 

Repurposing content saves you time because you’re not creating new content each time. You’re simply changing the form of the content you’ve already created.

“You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people.” 

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers

Whether you repurpose your blog post into a slideshow or infographic, it’s a very effective content marketing strategy for your business. Repurposing content ramps up the power of your content marketing by:

  • Driving new traffic to your site
  • Increasing your credibility, making you an authority in your market
  • Reaching a wider audience

Challenge Goal

The goal of this challenge is to give you a kick start with one piece of content. Once you’re comfortable repurposing one type of content, you can replicate the challenge over and over with other content. This helps you get the most out of content you’ve already created AND from the content you create in the future.

Today we start with repurposing a blog post, since it’s one of the easiest pieces of content to repurpose. You’re probably wondering, “but which blog post should I pick?” Here’s how to decide:

Step 1. Answer the Following Questions:

  • What products or services do you want to promote right now, during the challenge?
  • What blog posts do you already have that are related to what you want to promote?

Step 2. Look at What You Already Have

Look at the blog posts you already have on your chosen topic and identify:

  • Which ones have received the most traffic in the past year?
  • Which ones have readers spent the longest time reading, or have the lowest bounce rate?
  • Which ones have resulted in people going on to explore other parts of your site?
  • Which ones have received the most comments, whether on social media or directly on your blog?
  • What are the main keyword phrases for each post?

NOTE: if you don’t have Google Analytics connected to your blog, you can find instructions HERE. Go ahead and set that up. You won’t get enough data right away, so you’ll have to just pick a post that you’re proud of for this challenge.

Step 3. Pick a Post

Choose the blog post that you’ll focus on repurposing during this challenge.

Copy it over to a new draft post or into a Word document. 

Success Tip: Choose your blog post wisely since you will be using it throughout the remainder of this challenge.

Next Steps

We’ve given you a lot to think about in today’s challenge and given you guidance to select the blog post that is best to repurpose. Be sure to complete the worksheet so that you’re ready to move on to day 2 of the challenge tomorrow. 

Don’t forget, if you have questions, reply to today’s challenge email or head over to our Challenge Facebook Group and post it there.

Worksheet Activities:

  1. List current products or services you’d like to promote during the challenge
  2. List relevant blog posts you already have, and their urls
  3. Analyze the blog posts you’ve chosen referencing the analytics questions detailed in Step 2
  4. Choose the blog post you’ll use for the rest of the challenge