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How To Create a Podcast Website – Podpage Review

Creating your own podcast website for your podcast can be time-consuming and expensive. However, Podpage is an affordable and easy-to-use website builder that is perfect for creating a website for your podcast. With Podpage, you can quickly and easily import your episodes and reviews, and let listeners leave voicemails and messages. You can also publish …

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Do you even track the numbers?

5 Marketing Metrics Every Growing Coaching/Consulting/Expert Business Needs to Watch How do you know if your coaching/consulting/training business growth is going the way you want? Do you even track the numbers? How are you tracking your growth? You need objective data to tell you whether or not your business is achieving its aims, and what …

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Why Your Website Does Not Make You Any Money

Having been in the online industry for over 12  years you get to see how the industry has changed/changing as well as the many misconceptions people have about their online business. Even today many factors hold true and many business still don’t know the power of the internet and whats possible.  At the same time …

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