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7 Simple Sales Generating Videos You Can Make in One Day

Any one of these Sales Generating Videos can be made in as little as a few minutes if you already know what to say to the camera. Yet every single one of these can produce massive results when you incorporate them into your websites and sales funnels. 1: The ‘Questions-You-Get-Over-and-Over’ Video Guaranteed your customers have …

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What is Digital Rapport® and How to Use it to Build Rapport Online

Rapport Building Tips When Doing Live Broadcast – presentation with London YES group. How to create deep Digital Rapport® What is #rapport? Discover the 13 most common recurring themes in building rapport offline – Business, personal and social The basics #camera #lights #sound #Speaking tips – #Body language online Eye Moments – Facial expressions Bridging …

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The One Word Every Prospect Loves

This might be the most important word in the copywriter’s arsenal, ranking higher than even “free,” “new” and “savings.” Do you have any guesses as to what this word might be? We’re talking about the word “you.” Using the word “you” gets your prospect’s attention and keeps them reading. It’s vital that your reader regards …

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Hey Mic Sound Test / Rode VideoMic Me / Rode Smart Lav

Ooops the exposure on the iPhone SE came out slightly off due to testing. Had several clips which where ok but to keep consistency I matched them up to the lesser looking good one 🙁 , the face dial camera on the iPhone was used. Generally the main camera is better but I used the FaceTime camera because if people are doing facebook live or creating a straight into camera video then this would be the default. 

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