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Features vs. Benefits (And How to Know the Difference)

If there’s one thing that confuses and frustrates new (and even seasoned) copywriters it’s the not-always-obvious features and benefits.  We want to share all the great things about our new coaching program, so we say things like: 6-week self-study course Includes workbooks and live training Members’ only discounts While these are all good points, they’re …

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Know Your “Why” For Running An Online Workshop or Live Event

Workshops, live events and now especially online events can help small businesses and entrepreneurs in many different ways. If you’re thinking about holding your own on or offline event, it’s important to clarify exactly why. The reason is that all of your major decisions in planning and running the event follow this “why.” There are …

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Managing Priorities with Your Team Members

Tips on Managing Priorities with Your Team Members Say you have a clear marketing goal defined and a marketing strategy ready to go. Well done! However, if you want to make sure you reach your goal, you need to make sure that your team is all on the same page. If your team members’ individual …

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Multitasking Kills Your Productivity

How Multitasking Kills Your Productivity “She’s a great worker. A real multitasker!” Have you ever had a boss, manager, or co-worker say this about you? It sounds like a great compliment but it could be a sign that you’ve got a problem. We consider multitasking a virtue in the business world, but we are dead …

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Solid Foundation = Successful Marketing

How to Create a Solid Foundation for Successful Marketing There are probably a thousand marketing strategies you could employ at any given time. They come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is pick one and get started. But before you do, it’s important to have a strong foundation underlying your marketing. …

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Focus on One Goal at a Time

The Advantage of Focusing on One Goal at a Time If you’re the type of person who likes to be busy, you probably take on too many goals at one time. When you have too many goals, it has a habit of weighing you down, and this makes it harder to see any one of …

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