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Rediscovering My Passion with Canva: A Game Changer for Creatives and Novice Users

Discover how Canva has revolutionised my design journey, providing powerful and intuitive tools that rekindled my passion for creativity. For as long as I can remember, graphic design has been my creative playground. From sketching out rough ideas to bringing them to life digitally, it has always been a hidden passion. Early in my career, …

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How to Start an Online Business in 2024

Want to start an online business? Starting an online business has become a popular choice in recent years, thanks to the many benefits it offers. One of the most significant advantages of starting an online business is the lower overhead costs compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar business. With an online business, you can avoid the …

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How To Build a Six-Figure Business Guide: Establishing the Foundations for Success as a Coach, Consultant or Author in 90 Days

Welcome to today’s blog post, where we will explore the topic of building a foundation for Six-Figure Business in just 90 days as a coach/consultant. While this may seem like an incredibly daunting task, it’s not impossible with the right strategy and mindset. But you will see there is a lot to do. Do you …

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Insights from a Veteran Police Leader

The Podcast: The Video: Join us as we speak with Kul Mahay, a 32-year veteran of the UK police service and a renowned leadership and emotional intelligence expert. Kul has worked with organizations across the globe, helping to develop empowered cultures and improve the critical thinking and emotional intelligence of senior corporate leaders. In this …

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