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10 Powerful Strategies to Elevate Yourself as a Bigger Player in Your Field

Becoming a recognised authority (bigger player) in coaching, consulting, or authorship is akin to undertaking a significant journey. It requires immense dedication, ceaseless learning, continuous self-improvement, and an indomitable will to contribute positively to others’ lives. This journey is far from being solely about acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Instead, it’s a holistic process that encompasses …

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7 Shocking Truths: Why Your Business Mentor Might be Holding You Back

A Business mentor is often considered a valuable asset for any organisation, particularly startups and small businesses. At their core, business mentors are experienced professionals who provide advice, guidance, and support to less experienced entrepreneurs or business professionals. The objective is to share industry insights, help navigate through business challenges, and ultimately facilitate business growth …

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The Power of Personal Transformation and the Impact of Digital Addiction: A Conversation with Brad Burton

Video Podcast: In this engaging episode of the Digital Rapport®  podcast, I jump on a Zoom with Brad Burton, a renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. Known for his candid storytelling and charismatic energy, Brad shares fascinating insights from his unique life journey, beginning as a street kid and evolving into the founder of …

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Your Exciting Journey Begins: Learn How to Become a Life Coach and Craft Your Successful Coaching Program in 2023

How to Become a Life Coach should be a natural extension of existing services for any entrepreneur. It can boost your prestige, your presence — and your profits. As with any business venture, planning is the key to ensuring you make the most of your unique blend of skills, personality and experience.  This post is …

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Unmasking the Mirage: The Risks of Out-of-Context Marketing Manipulation, the Importance of Ethical Advertising and the Power of Critical Thinking

In the complex marketing and advertising world, messages are carefully crafted to sway consumer behaviour and shape perceptions, aka out-of-context marketing. With technological advancements and the lightning-fast spread of information, it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between ethical advertising and manipulative marketing tactics, leading to challenges in determining the authenticity and integrity of …

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