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4 Simple Steps On How To Be Present

This podcast (How to be present) is not your typical goal-setting conversation but something way deeper. I share how you can be present so to create discipline to work on what needs to be done. Keep an open mind to the possibility and take from it what is useful. In some places, it’s almost hypnotic. …

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The Power of Personal Transformation and the Impact of Digital Addiction: A Conversation with Brad Burton

Video Podcast: In this engaging episode of the Digital Rapport®  podcast, I jump on a Zoom with Brad Burton, a renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. Known for his candid storytelling and charismatic energy, Brad shares fascinating insights from his unique life journey, beginning as a street kid and evolving into the founder of …

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Maximize Your Impact: Expert Revenue Strategies for Authors, Coaches & Consultants with Janet Switzer

Podcast Welcome to another episode of the Digital Rapport® Master Series Podcast, where we dive deep into the minds of world-class experts in communication, connection, and marketing. Today, I am honoured to welcome Janet Switzer, a revenue-generating powerhouse who has been the driving force behind some of the biggest names in the coaching, training, and authoring …

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Insights from a Veteran Police Leader

The Podcast: The Video: Join us as we speak with Kul Mahay, a 32-year veteran of the UK police service and a renowned leadership and emotional intelligence expert. Kul has worked with organizations across the globe, helping to develop empowered cultures and improve the critical thinking and emotional intelligence of senior corporate leaders. In this …

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