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How to Master Your Mindset and Excel in 2023

People’s mindsets are formed through their perceptions and beliefs about themselves and the world around them. These ideas affect people’s actions, views, opinions, and ultimate success and personal fulfilment. Holding a particular mindset can affect your ability to learn, try new things, make progress, and build confidence. There are 5 essential mindsets. Growth Mindset, Abundance Mindset. …

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How To Sell? Help “I’m Not a Salesperson!” But Sales Is a Skill and You Can Learn It to Overcome Objections

How to sell and overcome objections is a common question. People don’t want to be seen as being salesy. But every business owner knows that at some point, you have to sell. But what if you’re not a “born” salesperson? And how do you do it without being salesy? Sales ability isn’t something you’re born …

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Best 7 Life Lessons by Bruce Lee

I’ve always been a massive Bruce Lee fan, not just of his movies and martial arts but also his deep philosophy on life and living. I’ve found his content very useful in life and business so wanted to share this post with you. Apply it where you can, online or offline in your business or …

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7 Magic Like Activities of a Digital Strategist

What is a Digital Strategist? A digital strategist makes websites, advertisements, and communication campaigns that are specific to the Internet. The digital strategist is responsible for creating websites that are optimized for smartphone use, advertising campaigns that are compatible with all devices, search engine optimization campaigns that increase online visibility, email campaigns that capitalize on …

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