How To Make a Website

Have you got a website or registered your domain name? I was searching the net the other day for a new domain name, but I was not having any luck. The domains names I was looking for were all gone. I tried and tried different variations but no luck. It was mad. I had the …

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Know Your “Why” For Running An Online Workshop or Live Event

Workshops, live events and now especially online events can help small businesses and entrepreneurs in many different ways. If you’re thinking about holding your own on or offline event, it’s important to clarify exactly why. The reason is that all of your major decisions in planning and running the event follow this “why.” There are …

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Do you even track the numbers?

5 Marketing Metrics Every Growing Coaching/Consulting/Expert Business Needs to Watch How do you know if your coaching/consulting/training business growth is going the way you want? Do you even track the numbers? How are you tracking your growth? You need objective data to tell you whether or not your business is achieving its aims, and what …

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Track and Trace

Track and Trace – Media Watch Interview with Dr Savi Arora, Jo Sidhu QC and Jatinder Palaha (27th May 2020) on Sikh Channel We talk about #Science, #Technology, #Digital, #Tracking, #COVID and #Government on #Sikh #Channel