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How to Ask the Right Questions to Get the Most Out of Your Chat GPT / AI Conversations in 2023

Having AI conversations with some form of artificial intelligence chatbot has become a part of our everyday lives for many. Whether it’s through voice-activated assistants like Chat GPT Siri or Alexa, customer service chatbots, or virtual counselor/therapists and other services, AI is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. However, many of us are …

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How to Create a Certification Program for Your Course, Signature System or Methodology in 2023

As a coach/consultant, Have you thought about how to Create a Certification Program? By Turning Your Knowledge, Expertise, Course or Training Into A Certified Program Means you could Build An Army Of Trainers Who Can Help You Make More Impact In The World With Your Transformational Message or Methodology.  Offering a course certificate is a great way to …

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