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ScoreApp Review: Is This The Best Quiz Funnel Lead Generation Tool for Marketers and Business Owners in 2022?

If you’re looking for an effective way to generate leads and grow your business, you should check out ScoreApp. ScoreApp is a quiz funnel lead generation tool that makes it easy for small businesses to create quizzes that attract relevant warm leads and give them insights into what they need to do to increase their …

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How Influencer Marketing Can 11x Your ROI

In this episode, I talk to Influencer marketing strategist Gordon Glenister, author of influencer marketing strategy and host of Influence the global podcast, shining a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry. Podcast Gordon Glenister is the global head of influencer marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association as well as being behind Pitch Influence, a …

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Track and Trace

Track and Trace – Media Watch Interview with Dr Savi Arora, Jo Sidhu QC and Jatinder Palaha (27th May 2020) on Sikh Channel We talk about #Science, #Technology, #Digital, #Tracking, #COVID and #Government on #Sikh #Channel

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The Truth on How To Manage Your Emotions and Win In Your Relationships| Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry

How To Manage Your Emotions in Personal and Professional LifeManmeet Kaur Chowdhry – Since 2008 Manmeet has been studying the work of Dr Demartini; who’s a world-renowned human behaviour specialist, philosopher and educator.  Manmeet assists Dr Demartini by leading the facilitator training, teaching and facilitating at his signature program The Breakthrough Experience. What she has …

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