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10 Tips for Virtual Coaching

What is virtual coaching? Put simply, it’s when a coach meets with you in a virtual environment. This can be a chat, video call, social media or even email. The main advantages of virtual coaching are convenience and cost. Coaching can happen whenever and wherever it suits your schedule through the use of any device …

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How To Become a Consultant

In this post, I’ll help you learn the ins and outs of starting your own profitable consulting business and we’ll go into how to start a consulting business and how you can become a consultant. What is involved in setting up a consulting business and becoming a consultant? Let’s talk a little about what is …

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7 Magic Like Activities of a Digital Strategist

What is a Digital Strategist? A digital strategist makes websites, advertisements, and communication campaigns that are specific to the Internet. The digital strategist is responsible for creating websites that are optimized for smartphone use, advertising campaigns that are compatible with all devices, search engine optimization campaigns that increase online visibility, email campaigns that capitalize on …

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