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How To Sell? Help “I’m Not a Salesperson!” But Sales Is a Skill and You Can Learn It to Overcome Objections

How to sell and overcome objections is a common question. People don’t want to be seen as being salesy. But every business owner knows that at some point, you have to sell. But what if you’re not a “born” salesperson? And how do you do it without being salesy? Sales ability isn’t something you’re born …

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7-Figure Lifestyle Business Behaviours That Could Unlock Your Life

Steve Chou of “My Wife Quit Her Job” fame has made a list of 12 things he learned two different 7 figure lifestyle business.He created the businesses so that his wife could quit her job to stay home with the children, and because he wanted to spend plenty of time with his family.  That tells …

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12 Ways To Build High Level Perceived Value

Your products have actual value, and then they have “perceived value.” Actual value is what your product offers to your customer. This might be the benefits, what it can do and what it can provide. “Perceived value” is what your customer thinks about the value of your product, or how they perceive the value of …

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