How We Maintained Business Through Lockdown | Business Turnaround



In this episode we spill the beans and talk about maintaining Business Turnaround through lockdown in or particular order we cover the following points:

  • what we have been doing in lockdown in order to maintain and grow businesses 
  • what was business like lock before lockdown 
  • how was business done
  • has / how did that change  – 
  • have parts of your business suffered
  • what did you do to adapt 
  • how are you  doing business now
  • contact , communication 
  • tips and strategise we can share with others about business 
  • resources, processes, growth hacks , productivity 
  • how will it be moving forward
  • what software  have been using
  • what we have been doing to generate leads
  • online courses /zoom
  • remote working
  • traditional business
  • sales master for scheduling 
  • ticketing system 
  • evernote as part of my workflow 

Marilyn Devonish – International speaker, Author, The NeuroSuccess Coach –

Sifu Lak Loi – JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior –

Sukhi Wahiwal – Business Mentor, forbs recognised judge, ted x speaker and Human Behaviour Expert  –

Jatinder Palaha – Digital Busines Coach, Web Revenue Strategist, Author –

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