There’s nothing exciting about building a brochure website

“5 pages with a contact from please, I need a website for my business so people think it’s professional and I need a email so I can add it to my business card”……. boring

The brochure website is dead, its been like that for a while but people still think having such a website will boost their business. Number of pages , gallery , contact forms don’t necessarily mean more business. Some people may land on your website and it may look pretty and a hand full of people may say you have a nice site. But that’s it, nothing more… and guess what? they  have not even rang you for your business.

So whats going on?

A website should be treated as a extension tool for your business which is automated and can generate leads and more business for you while you sleep. In most cases when people land on a site they don’t even know what you do or what you can offer them. There is no call to action or anything of value often leaving a visitor un-interested, unless they are just checking you out.

If you design your digital media with your prospects best interest at heart and appeal to their values outlining the benefits whilst being able to catch their attention then the chances of the user taking action to find out more are allot higher.

No matter what industry you are in there is always something you can offer in order to get their name and email so you can now use this information to funnel and market your services. Think about this, if you had the contact details of people who land on your site, then you can follow up and provide more value which can edge them to using your services over your competitors.

Another element is to consider direct response webdesign. This is when your site/ pages are designed with a specific call to action to get the visitor to DO something, weather its to call you, give you their email or connect on social media. If you can clearly direct people to where you want them to go then the user journey is allot more powerful and meaningful.

Use compelling headlines to grab attention, provide some valuable content about your industry that the user can use and apply such as a training videos, or pdf’s or guides. Due to the law of reciprocity if you give something to people they tend to reciprocate.  So give them value before you when try to bring them on board as a customer, this builds trust and also increase your reputation as a quality content provider. It also allows people to find out more about you and business first so there for no longer like a cold call. If when they land on your site you capture them then marketing to them is easier.

You see , just by adding these elements to your site its no longer boring but becomes alive and active. People start ton interact by providing their details in exchange for some FREE content or training. Once you have their email or mobile details you can now using automated marketing systems to send out a series of message which keeps your business fresh in their  mind. They say the average person needs at least 7 interactions before they take action. If the process is automated then you personal don’t have to do anything as its automated.

Therefore plan your pages and the purpose of that page. No other distractions are necessary on the page. Think about your main call to action and devise the page around this. Think about the users journey across your site.

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