Building Digital Rapport To Win More Clients 

My interview with business mentor and friend Mac Attram

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The Blurb:

Building Digital Rapport To Win More Clients with Jatinder Palaha

Jatinder Palaha is a Digital Business Coach, award winning IT consultant and co-author of several books. Jatinder has been working 1 on 1 with coaches, consultants and authors since 2008; building websites, funnels and setting up systems in the business and personal development niche using his Digital SIMAC® Method to get results.

He provides Strategic Advice, Simple Step-By-Step Guidance and Implementation On How To Transform Your Skills And Knowledge Into a Structured And Automated Coaching Consulting or Author Business Without Tech Overwhelm, Noise or Distractions Online.

Founder of the Digital Rapport® podcast and co-owner of BigFanta web design agency.

Mac Attram

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