How To Build Rapport Quickly | Marilyn Devonish


My father once said

“son, isn’t the brain amazing… you can read all the books in the world and it still won’t be full"

wow imagine that, a never ending hard drive.

What is this amazing device? this organic, smart, advanced storage and filing system.
The more you seem to read and learn the more nureo connections made within.

It's like the more associations the brain can make with the content it stores the better problem solver it can become.

But how much of this then becomes intuition?

Is it mearly a case of absorbing lots of knowledge and being able to apply multiple disciplines by asking quality questions to solve a problem or is there something more going on?

How much does intuition play a role in building rapport?

How might you be able to access and use it?

Join me on this journey as we talk to the NeuroSuccess™ Coach, trainer and author Marilyn Devonish as she shares How To Intuitively Build Rapport With Your Target Market tribe both on and offline.

Whats covered in this interview?

- What is Rapport
- How does it work?
- How would you use it?
- What are the different elements of rapport
- What are the steps/ process for rapport?
- What can you do to build rapport online?
- What to do to understand others?
- The Energy of rapport 

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