25 Best Life Coaches, Consultants and Mentors In The UK Who Make a Difference

This is a biased post in the sense that I have worked with diverse and best life coaches and mentors since 2008 and I know they make a difference. I’ve helped themwith brand creation to online courses all the way to offline events. They make an impact and change lives. So we may often wonder about who may be the best coaches and mentors.

In this post in no particular order, I share some who I consider to be amongst the best coaches and mentors in the UK.

I’ve been fortunate to work with them in some capacity over the years. They are heart-centred and love to make a difference and knowing them in person I know they come from an authentic place of service to humanity.

A coach or mentor must be someone who is healed and learned enough to help and guide others from a non-judgmental perspective without projecting their own noise onto others and instead be like a lighthouse that shows you the light and helps you identify the objects and challenges that may be on the way.

The coaching and consulting industry is booming. Which sadly has resulted in many overnight” experts” jumping into the space claiming to understand how to help you get to where they want to be. But experience is essential in the sense that you must be able to solve a problem in the industry with a solution that you know works when implemented.

So here’s the Digital Rapport® top UK coaches, mentors and trainers list in no particular order.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m thrilled to present to you a list of top-notch experts in the fields of coaching, consulting, speaking, training, and business coaching. These exceptional individuals have dedicated themselves to helping others reach their full potential and achieve unprecedented success in their businesses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom!

Best Life Coaches and Mentors In The UK

Kezia Noble

Worlds Leading Female Dating Coach For men | Author | International Speaker

Kezia 1 - best life coaches

Kezia’s rise to success as the leading dating expert for men has been meteoric. Originally working as a ‘wing girl’ within the dating relationship Community ( Made famous by the book ‘The Game’ ) Her reputation for giving incredibly insightful advice combined with her outspoken, honest and extremely direct feedback, earned her the name of “The Bitch With A Heart” An expression she openly welcomes.

By 2007, news of her advice and reputation for getting men results spread fast. She was inundated with requests from men from all over the world to help them achieve their ideal success rate with women. In 2009 she started up her own company and now employs a team of hand-picked male and female instructors who have all been given the “Kezia Noble” stamp of approval.

Word of Kezia’s sold-out international workshop and her videos that received well over 72 million views, that made her a ‘Youtube sensation’, spread to one of the most highly acclaimed publishing companies in the world, and in turn, they offered her a chance to write what has now become a top-selling book “The Noble Art Of Seducing Women” This has lead to many media requests, and Kezia is now regularly featured in international newspapers/magazines and TV shows.

Kezia has helped over 100,000 men to overcome a multitude of sticking points and limiting beliefs, and open their eyes to the skills, techniques, insights and secrets that most dating coaches and well-meaning female advice fail to provide them. As a result, they are now achieving a level of success with women that they once thought to be impossible to even imagine.

Web: https://www.kezia-noble.com/

Sukhi Wahiwala

Business Coach & Human Behaviour Expert

- best life coaches

Sukhi Wahiwala took over a family business whilst still in his teens, becoming a millionaire at the age of 21, and a Multi-Millionaire by the age of 25.  

He humbly credits his parents as his greatest teachers and Mentors. Sukhi was schooled in business by his father, a Phenomenally Successful Entrepreneur, who ensured that a privileged background would not provide a shortcut to his son learning business at grass roots level.

From getting up at five in the morning to load a van for the warehouse, putting in a full day’s manual labour, to applying himself to his studies; Sukhi was taught the discipline of hard work on every level. A solid grounding that invariably shaped a refreshingly Modest Multi-Millionaire, whose down to earth qualities and exceptional interpersonal skills drove a business empire that had grown into a formidable dynasty.

As a firm believer in; “Think Globally, Act Locally”; Sukhi provides an invaluable contribution to his local community, actively campaigning to change people’s lives for the better, tackling issues such as homelessness, better resources for adult education, equipping people with essential skills in numeracy and literacy.

Sukhi’s business motto is – Sukhi makes business SIMPLE, the word ‘ S I M P L E ‘ being an acronym for what he brings to business:

* Strategy     * Insight     * Marketing     * Positioning     * Logic     * Experience

Web: https://sukhiwahiwala.com/

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Smita Joshi

Smita Speaker Image 2 - best life coaches

Catalyst | Transformation Coach-Mentor | Speaker | Best Selling Author I Yoga Teacher

Author of the Karma & Diamonds Trilogy, a gripping journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes. It has been called “Eat, Pray, Love meets The Secret”.

Career spanning 25 years, which took on increasingly challenging responsibilities in the corporate world. One of Smita’s main roles was selling multi-million dollar contracts into well-known global companies. Through the business she was in, she is proud to have been one of the pioneers bringing India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European companies.

Alongside her corporate career, Smita became a life coach and led personal transformation programmes to groups of hundreds at a time. As a freelance TV presenter, Smita interviews gurus, entrepreneurs and politicians. A devoted practitioner also a certified yoga instructor.  

Web: https://www.smitajoshi.com

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Sifu Lak Loi

Lak Loi International Keynote Speaker 300x216 1 - best life coaches

Martial Arts Instructor| Coach | Author | Healer

Sifu Lak Loi is a true White Collar Warrior! He has been a City and Wall Street Consultant since 1997, currently working in the City of London by day as a Senior IT Consultant, and a Self Mastery Specialist, Healer and Martial Arts Instructor (3rd generation Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do) by night. He has a direct lineage to Bruce Lee himself, and is certified under the famous Wednesday Night Group.

When Lak Loi was a young boy, a healer once told him that he had healing hands, and was a natural-born healer. Little did Lak know, later in life he would be drawn to his calling – to help people cultivate their self-mastery. Lak took a very pragmatic and holistic approach to heal, by addressing the Body, Mind & Spirit, inspired by Mr Miyagi, Bruce Lee and the power of martial arts. Lak calls it ‘Martial Mind Power.’

Lak is a firm believer, that ‘All help is self-help.’ On the same note, ‘Only a lit candle can light another.’

Web: https://www.martialmindpower.com/| https://www.lakloi.com

JDK School – https://www.jkdlondon.com

Podcast: Martial Mindpower Podcast

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Rupinder Kaur

xIMG 5328 - best life coaches

Award-Winning Founder & Coach. Podcast Host and Founder of Asian Women Mean Business

Rupinder has always been fascinated about the power of our human mind, the motivation, beliefs and thoughts that drive our actions and behaviours. This inspired Rupinder to study BA (Hons) Psychology & Educational Development 20 years ago. Followed by a MSc in Human Resource Management & Business and has led to an 18-year career in the field of HR, leadership training, coaching and mentoring.

Rupinder founded Asian Women MEAN Business, an online and in person sisterhood that is inspiring, championing and connecting women because she felt starved of the inspiration & community that she was looking for and you know how the saying goes “sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of!”. So she created AWMB

Web: https://www.asianwomenmeanbusiness.com/

Podcast: Asian Women MEAN Business

Olivia AA

Ai coach

Olivia AA 300x300 1 - best life coaches

Olivia AA is a highly experienced Ai Coach and successful business coach with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With years of experience in starting, managing, and scaling businesses, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive market. Olivia is known for her cheerful and wise communication skills, and she always encourages her clients to conduct their own research to make informed business decisions. With a focus on growth mindset and personalized support, Olivia strives to help her clients unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success.

Web: Digital Rapport® AI

Mac Attram

mac attram - best life coaches

Helping business owners to grow wealth, improve cashflow & create a better lifestyle.

#1 International Best Selling Author | Multi-Award Winning Coach | Entrepreneur | Speaker. Best known for Growing Businesses & Business Turnarounds.

Mac has Trained & Coached thousands of business owners to grow their business between 20% – 200% in a few short months; as well as improve their cashflow and build effective teams.

He has Been featured as an expert advisor across a string of media platforms, including Sky TV, The Guardian, Forbes, The Huffington Post, VOX Africa & Real Business Magazine.

And is the Author of “The Millionaire Moment”, “Face It & Fix It”, “The Inspired Warrior’s Code” & Co-Author of “The Power of Masterminding”. I love the Martial Arts and been a Practitioner & Instructor for over 30 years, currently graded to 5th Dan Black Belt in TaeKwon Do.

His life mission & purpose is to educate, inspire and empower people all over the world to live a life of joy, courage, passion and purpose.

Website: https://www.macattram.com/

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Dr Alka Patel

Dr Alka Patel


As a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and GP, Alka provides expert, lifestyle-focused, evidence-informed guidance on your health and happiness, which has been proven through research to be effective.

As a Lifestyle Coach, she can help you create goals, set actions and develop micro-habits to ensure lasting change and success in your ambitions.

And, as a Businesswoman, Alka ensure alignment between your business goals, health goals, life goals.

Website https://www.dralkapatel.com

Marilyn Devonish

marilyn devonish - best life coaches

BA(Hons), CIMDipM, Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Life & Executive Coach, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy™, Huna Practitioner, Archetypal Branding Coach, EFT & Emo Trance Practitioner, Freelance Writer, Management Consultant.

Marilyn Devonish is the founder of Trance Formations™, a training, consultancy and coaching company committed to improving and transforming the performance of individuals and organisations.

Since making the decision in November 2000 to go from professional Accountancy student to Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Life Coach, Marilyn has excelled in creating dramatic turnaround, not only in her own life, but in those of her clients.

With over 20 years of industry experience spanning Sales, Marketing, Event Management, Training, Education, Management Development, and Finance, Marilyn combines these skills in order to provide a unique and powerful performance enhancement experience. As well as working with individuals on a one to one basis through her thriving coaching and therapy practice, she also works extensively with blue chip organisations from both the private sector and public sector, and has experience of working with individuals in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Her range of skills and experience enable her to work confidently at all levels within an organisation.

She is also an accomplished Speaker and Workshop Leader and has run courses at The Skyros Resort in Greece, The Vitality Show at London Olympia, The Call Centre Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, The Integral NLP Conference, The Call Centre & IT Directors Forum, and the Confex Exhibition at Earls Court.

Website: https://www.tranceformationstm.com/

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David Key

DavidKey - best life coaches

Author and A leading teacher and practitioner of the revolutionary new paradigm known as The Three Principles

David was one of a select group of coaches to be personally mentored by Doctor George Pransky, the man who was famously described by English philosopher and writer Colin Wilson as “the greatest psychological mind of our time”.

The Principles – in David’s own words – have ‘turned conventional Freudian analysis on its head, sweeping away a century of misunderstandings about the way in which we human beings experience and process reality’.

David was the very first ANLP Accredited Trainer in the world. He was personally invited by the President of the ABH, Dr. Tad James, to become an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of Hypnosis. He was the recipient of the prestigious APCTC Outstanding Achievement Award, 2015 which was for his outstanding contribution to the coaching industry

David’s vision is simply to share his grounding in the Principles with anyone looking to transform their experience of life, irrespective of their presenting challenges. With that aim he has created a series of Online and Live Transformational Programmes that bring together all aspects of his many years’ experience of personal development.

Website: https://davidkey.com/

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aloise - best life coaches

Aloise Surfleet-Middleton

Transformational Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, Reiki Master and AC Accredited Coach.

Aloise is the host of the Dharma Life Podcast, and the Creator of the Dharma Life Academy. She is a global speaker and soul purpose coach.

Aloise says her job is to help you break free of old belief systems and thought patterns, that are holding you back and helping people uncover their Dharma and create personal abundance and lives they deserve …

Her speciality is helping women unlock their greatest potential, creating their dream life in alignment with their soul.

Website: https://aloise.life/

Kalpesh Patel

International speaker, author, and master network marketer

Kalpesh1 - best life coaches

Training & Enlightening Entrepreneurs on Leadership, Sales, Public Speaking & Free Self Expression

A natural-born Entrepreneur started out selling Coke (the stuff in cans…) to fellow students age 11. He puts his success down to his love of transforming lives & his WINNING ATTITUDE inherited from his parents.

Motto – “We are all self-made through the choices we make and the paths we follow, we create it all. If you do not like where you are in life, take responsibility to improve it.”

Website: https://kalpeshpatel.com/

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manmeet - best life coaches

Manmeet Chowdhry

Helps professionals overcome emotional blocks to help them achieve Optimum Life Performance.

Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry has integrated her extensive study of human behaviour with her experience and knowledge of business management and sales to provide new technologies to empower individuals and teams to improve their performance and sense of fulfilment. 

Her vision – to create inspired lives, improve relationship dynamics, enhance communication and the ability to share unconditional love, resulting in greater levels of intimacy with ourselves and others. Manmeet truly feels that this is the message she is on this planet to share.

As a specialist in universal laws, she believes in making a difference in lives globally, empowering people by educating them and guiding them in their growth to find the solution to their biggest problems. Healing people physically and emotionally by teaching them to transform their perceptions, helping them to overcome their toughest life challenges is very much at the forefront of our inspiration. We help them learn more about who they are themselves and break free of the restrictions that are holding them back from living a life they love: a life that is purposeful, meaningful, inspiring and fulfilling. 

Website: https://www.optimumperformancesolutions.com/

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bruceking - best life coaches

Bruce King

Author, Speaker. Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth Strategies for World Class Achievements

Bruce King is a Fellow of The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (FInstSMM) and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIoD). He has more than thirty years of experience working with organisations from SMEs to major international companies and speaking to audiences around the world on the subjects of sales, marketing and achieving greater results in any area of their business and personal lives.

Over the years Bruce has developed several successful and, in some cases, award-winning businesses which he has subsequently sold. He has worked with sales teams to achieve a frequently extraordinary increase in sales and with business owners to help them to create more successful and profitable enterprises.

In 2018 he launched Sales Coaching Online, the ultimate online resource to enable salespeople to achieve an extraordinary increase in sales, fast and in only a few minutes study a day.

Website: https://bruceking.co.uk/

Deepa Sapra

deepa sapra - best life coaches

Certified Yoga Therapist

“Yoga is not just my job but my life’s purpose” Deepa Sapra is Yoga therapist. An American living in the UK. With a diploma in yoga therapy and over 15 years of experience she helps you bring your mind, body and soul into equilibrium.

She is originally from Queens New York, so not only can she teach Yoga, but can bring the sass and the gangster to her sessions. She can keep you motivated and teach you about Yoga in a way that will make you think beyond physical exercise. It’s a spiritual journey, one that will invite you to connect to the Earth and your Soul.

As well as Yoga, she is also a certified firewalking and glasswalking instructor. Her teaching practice is very much a combination of learning and her innate style. To push you a little further, breathe a little deeper, and to heal a little more than the day before.

Website: https://deepasapra.com/

Derek Mills

derek mills - best life coaches

Derek is an internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, wealth manager, coach and mentor.

He runs a Senior Partner Practice at one of the UK’s premier FTSE100 companies and has spent the past 12 years coaching and guiding millionaires and multi-millionaires to grow their wealth.

He belongs to the Million Dollar Round Table for financial professionals and is a fellow of The British-American Project, the Professional Speaking Association, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. He is also a member of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC), is a former member of the Advisory Board at Birmingham Symphony Hall and an expert in the new movie ‘Think and Grow Rich’ – The Legacy. Derek has worked with the Professional Football Association (PFA) and famously coached the chief scout for Leicester City Football Club, the year before their mind blowing, historical, against the odds 2015/2016 Premier League win.

Derek is an Expert in Authentic Leadership & Authentic Sales . He utilises the philosophy and practices of Daily Standards to Coach and as a Professional Speaker globally.

Derek’s work so far has focused on personal development and wealth mastery but his wider team of experts now offers DailyStandards® transformations in all of the key areas of work and life.

Website: https://dailystandards.com/

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Danny Sangha

danny sangha - best life coaches

Clarity, Alignment and Confidence Coaching for Professional and Personal Success

Helping Celebrities and other ‘Spotlighted’ Professionals to maintain a successful personal life alongside an equally successful career A Seasoned Consultant for Public Professionals

With over 20 years of advancing and empowering successful change both within a corporate environment and with individuals and their families, Danny has an innate desire to reach out to and provide assistance within the wider community. He is an active board member for two long-standing, established charities and has thrived upon opportunities to provide direction, guidance and facilitate goal-based change for individuals, both older and younger than himself, since childhood.

Website: https://www.dannysangha.com/

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Mindy Paul

mindy - best life coaches

Mind, Money and Business

Mindy Paul an international Business Performance Coach, speaker and Founder of Mindy Paul Coaching.

As a high-level business coach, Mindy devotes his life to teaching business owners, how they can achieve breakthrough results in a short space of time, and start living a truly fulfilling and enriched life by unlocking their potential within.

His 25 years of business expertise spans across multiple industries including online and physical businesses, as well as consulting, client-based, e-commerce and retail.

Website: https://www.mindypaul.com/

am golhar - best life coaches

Am Golhar

Creative Entrepreneur

Am Golhar is an individual who ignites others to move forward Personally & in Business through her teachings and voice in the Media.

Website: https://www.amgolhar.com/

David Fox


Dave Fox Special - best life coaches

Davide has written stories all his life, since falling in love with the endless possibilities of the theatre on leaving art school. He started out at age 23, running community drama sessions in Hackney, London. This eventually led him to tour plays with many different theatre companies in the 1980s, as writer and very often as actor too. David was in ‘Planet X‘ with the East End Theatre Group, which he co-founded.

For David, writing is therapy, philosophy, and the key to personal development. He seriously recommend it to anyone who is struggling with life’s problems. He says our stories help us to figure things out which bring readers along on the journey.

David is the creator of the Story Teller Gene writing course where The emphasis is on the ‘hero’s journey’ and how his or her actions reflect our own fears and desires. The Storyteller Gene is interactive and intensely personal, just like the best drama.

Website: https://www.davidrichardfox.com

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preet kalsi - best life coaches

Preet Kalsi

Empowered Mindset Coach | Break Through Limiting Beliefs | Discover Your Authentic Self | Live Empowered


Knowing is about finding clarity, Doing means taking responsibility for the action that drives you forward, and Being empowered by using all that you now know to create the life you desire.

Transforming Insecurity Into Inner Strength and Reclaiming Responsibility For Your Life. Pree is about helping you Free yourself of distractions and focus on your true goals. Break through limiting beliefs and reinforce ones which support you in healthy action. Build an exciting, desirable life rooted in your true values, one step at a time, with my support.

Website: https://www.preetkalsi.com

Podcast: The Preet Kalsi Podcast

dave hompes - best life coaches

Dave Hompes

Health Coach

Dave Hompes, B.Sc., M.Sc., is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine. He is the creator of The Hompes Method Health Rejuvenation System and author of four books:

  • The H. Pylori Diet
  • Pylori: From Heartburn To Heart Attacks
  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Parasites
  • The Hompes Method

Dave has worked with more than 2,000 clients over the last decade, with people seeking his help from more than 20 countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Slovenia, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Using functional medicine testing and specific healing protocols to restore gut, hormone, detoxification and immune function, he recovered from his symptoms and became inspired to share his findings with an ever-growing audience. His H. pylori website has had well over one million visitors since 2008.

Website: https://www.h-pylori-symptoms.com/

Rav Plahe

ravinder - best life coaches

Holistic Health Coach. Optometrist. Truth Seeker. Cutting Edge. Unconventional. Ravinder is an advocate of natural medicine and wellness. His mission is to make it as easy as possible for others to experience real balanced and good health. With his friendly and caring demeanour, he brings a balanced and non-judgemental approach to helping clients find a solution to their chronic conditions.

Ravinder’s health care experience and holistic training has given him a truly unique insight into how to improve human health. It consists of a holistic understanding of impact of lifestyle, natural medicine and nutrition. He has developed a Blended Methodology that can help anyone improve their health by taking a holistic view of their lifestyle and making adjustments that will encourage their bodies to operate at optimum levels. This methodology involves the use of a detailed questionnaire that helps to map the client’s health history and so identify any behaviour, eating, sleeping, stress or other patterns that may have contributed to the current illness.

Website: https://synagise.com/

Sati Kudhal

sati kudhal - best life coaches

Sati is the founder of ELITE Tuition who offer private tutoring and support for students reading GCSE and A-Level Mathematics. Special focus on Educational Learning Theory to achieve rapid and meaningful development in students.

ELITE Tuition is the UK’s most successful mathematics tuition company offering a complete range of A-Level and GCSE Mathematics programmes and tuition to students.  Sati’s process and methods mean he is proud to report that 98% of the students who have completed the course have achieved an A* or A Grade, regardless of starting ability.

Website: https://www.elitetuition.com/

Alexander Barrie

7a564b0bbf385e5971d4742c1a788e40 1200 80 - best life coaches

In the realm of health and wellness, Alexander Barrie stands as a pillar of innovation, expertise, and compassionate care. With a vast professional journey spanning over three decades, his approach combines the essence of different disciplines, from Shiatsu and Ayurveda to Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Chinese Medicine. At the heart of his practice is a keen understanding of the interconnection between physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Understanding the rampant prevalence of back pain affecting the global population, Alexander has focused his efforts on effective, non-invasive solutions. He is the founder of the Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™, a pioneering method for treating chronic back pain and musculoskeletal discomfort. This system revolves around his groundbreaking invention, The Pelvic Corrector Device, which empowers individuals to regulate their pelvic alignment, enhancing vitality, and bolstering their immune systems.

Website: https://www.alexanderbarrie.com/

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