Always get them coming back to your site

One of the key things businesses want is more traffic to their site. However people are always trying to get new traffic and more traffic but what about the missed traffic due to not having a strategy in place to keep them coming back to your site?

I see so many wasted opportunities because of random posts people put out on social media which have no clear calls to action or no thought as to the purpose of getting the message out, almost desperate behaviour wishing someone will bite…. not good.

I’ll share some basics you can keep in mind. Saying that it’s not really basic but simple powerful advice.

The purpose of having an online presence is to build a tribe/fan base of people who love/need your products or services so you can make some money to live your life or to serve others. But in order to do this the product or service has to fill a need and be helpful.

So the first thing to do is to keep the content you produce in line with what the user needs or is looking for.

The second thing to keep in mind is that if you put content out there what are you trying to achieve? for example

  • do you want to build a mailing list?
  • do you want to get people to like your Facebook page?
  • do you want people to subscribe to your you tube channel?
  • do you want people to call you?
  • etc etc

Think about the purpose of your message and the call to action you require. When you have this in mind then you can make sure the call to action is inbuilt into your message.

Now keeping the thought of more traffic to your site in mind, make sure that the content you share is already on your website. For example don’t just send people to your youtube video url as this is wasted opportunity. Instead insure you embed the youtube video into your blog post and then SHARE the website url on social media platforms. This is key! and will mean people land on YOUR site. 

Now think about this for a moment, if people land on your site doesn’t it mean you can capture their details or make them aware of your products and services? You can also direct them to a page on your site where your product/service is highlighted. Always think “How can I keep getting people back to my site’

To keep them coming back to your site make sure you put the content on your site first then share your URL online and on social platforms as this will increase your traffic form your existing reach. If it goes viral and when people share then at least your site URL is in the mix 🙂 …… if people find your content useful then they will share with others.

If you have any questions please let me know and all the best.

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