Add This to Squeeze Pages for Peak Conversion Rates

Have you ever landed on a page that was clearly a squeeze page and the audio or video started playing immediately?

Did you love that?  Or hate it?

Most people respond they hate it, but adding audio or video to a squeeze page is proven to increase opt-in rates.

Why put the darn thing on auto-play?

Because you have only a second to stop your visitor from leaving the page.

Notice I said “stop them from leaving.”

Even if they click to turn off the sound or stop the video you have gotten them to click on your page.  They are now engaged.  Their next action may be to put on a headset so they can listen to the sales message without sharing it with the rest of the office/home.

Or they may leave the audio/video turned off and read the copy on the page.

Or they may hit the back button and leave the page. I promise you, if the introductory sound bytes are obnoxious, that will certainly be the response from your visitor.

Learning Points:

  1. Add audio or video to your squeeze pages.
  2. Remember to leave the audio/video at auto-play,
  3. Introduce your offer in a manner that doesn’t immediately turn off the audience.
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