3 Things That Could Be Destroying Your Presentations

A great deal of work goes into creating and giving great sales presentations. But even with all of that work, a good sales presentation could fall flat. If your sales presentations aren’t delivering the results they’re supposed to, there’s a good chance you’re making one of these three fatal mistakes.

Bad Body Language

Body language has a tremendous impact on presentations. Studies have found that one of the huge reasons for the success of TED Talks isn’t the big ideas they share, but the delivery. In other words, it’s the speaker’s charisma, gestures, and rapport with the audience that makes all the difference.

A couple of the biggest body language problems include:

  • Lack of body language. You’re just standing still
  • Um’s and Uh’s that distract from what you’re saying
  • Freezing behind the podium and not moving around in a natural way
  • Distracting habits such as licking lips, shifting weight from leg to leg, or fidgeting
  • Signs of nervousness like shaking, sweating, or shallow breathing

The first step in improving your body language is to record yourself practicing your presentation. You’ll notice a great deal that can be improved.

Unprepared for Objections

When you make a sales presentation, your audience is going to have objections. Everyone has these objections when they’re considering making a purchase. It’s like a voice in the back of your head giving you reasons not to take action and buy.

In your presentation, you can anticipate these objections and try to dispel them, but there’s a good chance your prospects will voice these objections during the Q&A portion of your presentation. If you’re not prepared to answer them and you fumble over your words, this will kill the sale completely.

The better you know your audience, the better you can prepare for their objections. Try to consider every possible question and prepare an answer. The answer should reassure the prospect and ease their doubts. As you go about giving sales presentations, you’ll add new questions to your preparations based on what real prospects ask.

Putting Your Audience to Sleep

Finally, you won’t make a sale at the end of a boring presentation. Your speech needs to be engaging from beginning to end. Add stories to your presentation to make it more intriguing. Use images and videos to liven it up. Give your audience plenty of opportunities to participate. Most of all, be excited about the offer yourself. Your excitement will be contagious.

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